human in training.

Living with Multiple Sclerosis while adopting a 7 month-old rescue dog is humbling.

So if you were wondering why my poor sweet blog, which I love more than anything, has been left alone to wither for more than 2 months… well, puppy’s out of the bag.

For my birthday this January, I welcomed a perfect little one into my life and apartment and special circle of friends and family. And my heart feels full and my life feels more meaningful. But mostly, I am constantly reminded of many important truths:

Everything in life is impermanent.

I cannot control anything.

I can only do so much.

Love is always the answer.

Dogs are better than humans.

Potty and obedience training are really just the tip of the puppy iceberg. Logistically figuring out how to make sure my cat is still happy, my new dog is exercised and feels safe, where and when everyone is going to sleep and eat and work and play, and making sure all humans and animals stay alive is exhausting. MS was already exhausting so ask a few of my friends and they will concur I “may” have lost my shit a few times over the past month.

I. Am. Fucking. Tired. Sorry, not sorry.

But 5 weeks later I can honestly say this is the best decision I have ever made. Of course.

My puppy has taught (reminded) me that everything changes all the time. One day he knows he is supposed pee outside, the next day he doesn’t. One day he doesn’t have the slightest clue what his human mom is talking about, the next day he’s freakin’ doggy-Einstein. Yesterday human mom was so tired she dropped her keys 3 times and cried twice, today she is living her best life.

I am reminded that patience is a real thing and that nothing truly good can be forced. I am not in control. I am just a moving part of it all.

I am reminded I have limits, both physical and emotional. I do what I can and then I need to rest. And everyone – cat, dog, friend, dad, work – will be totally ok while I rest.

I am reminded that everything and everyone responds best to love. Full stop.

I am reminded that dogs are super cool compared to humans. I often imagine my puppy thinking “I know my human mom has a disease and I love her unconditionally forever and ever and hope she is ok. And I want more treats.”

I got a little lost there for a while. I was doing a little too much. It feels good to be reminded that I have MS, and that it is a gift because it slows me down.

When you slow down and take your puppy for an extra long walk, you never know what you’ll see.




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• Diagnosed with MS in April 2017 • MS Support Group Founder 🌟I view my disease as a gift instead of a burden🌟

2 thoughts on “human in training.

  1. Oh, I LOVE this! The joy and exhaustion of new Mom-hood! I’m so happy you found each other and that you’re so wonderfully open to the lessons he’s teaching you — even while he pees on your floor. Good luck today in the pouring LA rain. You two will definitely have some discussions about priorities today! xo, Cathy

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