Up In Smoke.

I was brainwashed to be a smoker.

I remember my first cigarette – so incredibly disgusting by the way – but I don’t remember the why behind it. I was with my childhood best friend Sarah and I do remember that we really liked to try “adult” things together. I feel like smoking was just that; something grown up and forbidden so a big yes please for both of us.

Years ago, 2 friends advised me to read “The Easy Way to Quit Smoking” and I said cool ok and never read more than a page. This time, a neurologist told me loud and clear that I HAD to quit smoking. Cigarettes are one of the few things MS specialists are positive make the disease worse. So with doctors breathing down my buzzy neck, I read the book in 7 days and haven’t had a puff of smoke since.

Apparently I was brainwashed to think that smoking was something I was addicted to. Something that was needed or wanted or habitual. Turns out it was none of those things – it was just a type of cult that lulled me into its nicotine clutches. It also turns out it wasn’t all that hard to yank myself free.

But it does confound me how we start doing something and make it part of our life as if it was always there. One minute I’m a healthy 16 year-old, the next I’m a smoker. One minute I’m a pack-per-day 40 year-old, the next I’m a happy non-smoker who can’t imagine doing that all those years.

We adapt. Everything changes, everything flows, everything is impermanent, and everything meant to finds its way to us does.

My journey and acceptance of MS make these truths more profound for me than ever.

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• Diagnosed with MS in April 2017 • MS Support Group Founder 🌟I view my disease as a gift instead of a burden🌟

2 thoughts on “Up In Smoke.

  1. Crazy thing is I did smoke before, but has a terrible relapse and manged to quit. Now, my husband was suppose to quit with me, but he didn’t. He has smoked since he was around 13, so it is harder for him. I had only smoked a few years. Funny thing is when I quit, I was on a HIGH dose of steroids and had major PMS, I was not pleasant to be around. The relapse put a big fear in me, so that is why I did it. Honestly, now I do use a vape. I hope you had a good day and I hope you have a great evening!!

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    1. Well vape is definitely better than cigarettes! Funny – I am actually scared to vape because I think it might make me want to smoke again. Doubtful, but I avoid it just in case. And steroids are the worst! I already wrote a few more posts and one is about steroids and what they do to us… you’ll relate. 😉 You have a great night too Alyssa!

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