take care.

I have a cold.

For almost a week now I’ve been feeling pretty run-down, thinking I needed more sleep. I went to Texas for a few days and anytime I travel lately, sleep becomes a real issue. Two early morning flights, out of town activities, a fairly heavy workload and tons of working out all point to needing more rest right?

Sunday I slept 10 hours. Yum.

Monday I woke up with a sore throat. Uh oh.

All I want to do is write blog posts and make my cycle class and not cancel on my friends. But a cold is coming… and in my MS world, that’s close to saying winter is coming.

Before diagnosis, a sore throat meant hot tea and sleep and lozenges and a ton of Vitamin C. My mom always said, flush a cold with more Vitamin C than your body can absorb – and it always worked. Every single time. God I miss her.

After diagnosis, a sore throat means hot tea and sleep and lozenges… and that’s it. The miracle drug that gets slowly pumped into my veins every 6 months is an immunosuppressant, so no more vitamin boosting for this lady.  I can’t try and sweat it out or do too much of anything really because if this tiny annoying sore throat turns into a big bold fever, I am headed to the hospital. The possibility of pneumonia or a really scary infection would be the fear at that point. That’s never going to happen; I’m just keeping ya’ll informed.

So I sit. So I wait.

I’ve got a ton of posts lined up in my brain and a ton of energy brewing to hit the gym… but I’ll wait and I’ll sleep and I’ll take care of myself.

MS continues to teach me the value of loving kindness.

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